ANNOUNCEMENT INCSMPS organizes a contest for the temporary employment of part-time contract positions of the „International Expert for Methodology’s Validation” within the SIPOCA27 project.

ANNOUNCEMENT INCSMPS organizes a contest for the temporary employment of part-time contract positions of the „International Expert for Methodology’s Validation” within the SIPOCA27 project.

INCSMPS organizes a contest for the temporary employment of part-time contract positions of the „International Expert for Methodology’s Validation” within the SIPOCA27 project.
The National Scientific Research Institute for Labor and Social Protection (INCSMPS) organizes a contest for employment, for a limited period, under the conditions stipulated by art. 1851 of the Civil Code (Law 287/2009 with subsequent amendments and completions) of the following positions:
5 positions – part time contracts – „International Valuation Methodology Expert” for carry out activities under the Project „Development of the Administrative Capacity of MCI to implement some actions established in the National Strategy for Research, Technological Development and Innovation, 2014-2020 – SIPOCA 27”

I. General Requirements:
a) to have Romanian citizenship, or citizenship of other EU Member States or states belonging to the European Economic Area;
b) to speak English or Romanian;
c) is the minimum age regulated by the legal provisions;
d) has a state of health corresponding to the position for which he / she is applying, certified on the basis of the medical certificate issued by the family doctor or authorized health care units;
e) fulfills the conditions of study and, depending on the case, seniority or other specific conditions according to the requirements of the competition;
Candidates who do not meet these criteria will not be considered admitted to trigger the proceedings.

II. Candidates’ competition dossier for the post of „International Valuation Methodology Expert” must contain the following documents:

  • Application for entry in the selection contest, Annex no.1
  • Copies of documents attesting seniority in work / specialty,
  • Copy of the identity card / marriage certificate or other documents stating the name appearing on the diploma.
  • Copies of study diplomas and other documents attesting specializations related to the job requirements to which they apply;
  • Medical certificate attesting to the health status of the job they are applying for, with the mention „ABLE FOR WORK”
  • Curriculum vitae in Europass format, cf. Annex no. 2, dated and signed
  • A statement on the candidate’s own responsibility that he does not have a criminal record that renders him incompatible with the job he is applying for, Annex no.3
  • A declaration on the person’s own responsibility that he did not violate the norms of professional ethics and deontology in the field of RDI, Annex no.4.

Candidates declared admitted in the competition will present the original document for each document filed in the copy file for certification of compliance with the original.
The files will be submitted UNTIL 15 th OF SEPTEMBER 2017 INCLUSIVE
to the Secretariat of Selection Board, INCSMPS, phone: +40213124069; fax: +40213117595, address: Povernei Street, no. 6 – 8, sector 1, Bucharest, Monday – Thursday, between 10.00 -16.00, Friday between 9.00 – 13.00.

III. Specific requirements for:
„International Valuation Methodology Expert”, for Valuation of Impact Assessment Methodology in Activity A 1.1.2. – Testing and validation of impact assessment methodologies on the four areas of intelligent specialization (1.bienonomy, 2. information and communications technology, space and security, 3. energy, environment and climate change, and 4. Eco-nano-technologies and Advanced materials), Public Health priority area, and funding tools – 5 jobs (for 15 days during October 2017):
• Higher education graduates with a PhD degree (4 points);
• minimum 5 years of work experience in RDI, higher education, or evaluation policy and research programs (2 points);
• experience in the use and / or development of methods / methodologies for assessing the impact of RDI policies on competitiveness, demonstrated by coordinating or participating in the development of projects that contain activities similar to the requirement, and / or publications (5 points);
• experience as a member of a specialized evaluation structure or participation in the evaluation of RDI projects (4 points) is an advantage;
Total max. 15 points

IV. General duties of the job
„International Valuation Methodology Experts” will carry out the following activities: • analyzes the impact assessment methodology on the intelligence field and assesses whether it is in line with similar methodological lines at European level, if relevant to the national context and the extent to which it meets the impact assessment requirements;
• identifies strengths and weaknesses in the elaboration and drafting of the study on impact assessment methodology on the field of intelligent specialization; • formulate observations and assessments regarding the analyzed methodology presented in the form of a validation report.

V. The competition consists of two stages, as follows:
a) Selection of files: maximum two working days from the date of expiry of the deadline for submission of files.
b) The interview: will take place on the day following the display of the result of the selection of the files, in case there are no objections.
In the event of appeals, the interview will take place within two days of the response to the complainants.

VI. Bibliography:
• Government Ordinance OG 57/2002 on scientific research and technological development, as subsequently amended and supplemented;
• Government Decision HG 929/2014 approving the National Strategy for Research, Development and Innovation 2014-2020;
• Government Decision HG 583/2015 for the approval of the National R & D and Innovation Plan for the period 2015 – 2020 (PNCDI III);

VII. Dossiers Selection:
– Dossiers submitted personally, by e-mail or mail or by post, will be reviewed by the members of the selection board in order to verify that the conditions for participation are met within one day of the deadline for submission.
– Only files with a minimum of 10 points will be selected for the interview.
– The result of the selection of the files will be displayed at the INCSMPS headquarters and at
– Any appeals may be filed within one day of displaying the displayed result, and the response will be communicated within a maximum of one day.
– The interview can be held at the INCSMPS headquarters or virtual via Skype and will consist of discussions on evaluation methodologies as well as on the bibliography displayed
– During the interview, it will be determined whether the participant has full exercise capacity; the maximum score from the interview is 10 points.
– Candidates who will receive at least 6 points will be selected for employment.
– The overall outcome of the analysis of the case and of the interview will be determined by the „accepted” or „rejected” rating.

VIII. Calendar of the two competition stages:
A) Selection of dossiers: 15 – 19 September 2017;
B) Interview: 21 and 22 September 2017, in the 10.00 – 14.00 hour range.

The dossiers for competition will be submitted to the INCSMPS headquarters, Monday to Thursday 10.00-16.00, Fridays from 9.00 to 13.00, address: Povernei Street, no. 6 – 8, Sector 1, Bucharest, postal code 010643, or by e-mail, within 10 working days from the date of publication on;


Additional information can be obtained by visiting the official website, at INCSMPS headquarters, Povernei Street, no. 6 – 8, sector 1, Bucharest, phone+4021.312.4069, e-mail: